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‘Noida most livable, Gurgaon costliest’

There are people who always defend “dynamic” Gurgaon, and claim it’s the best city in NCR. And then there are others who swear by “planned-city” Noida. Now, finally, there’s a study that factors in various parameters to reach a more informed ranking. Right on top, beating Gurgaon, is Noida. And it is the best city to live in NCR because…

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What makes Gurgaon the country’s start-up capital?

A few years ago, turning down a job to start your own company would have seemed like career suicide to some, but for Gurgaon’s new-age start-up owners, it’s more than just taking a shot in the dark. In 2012, Gurgaon beat India’s Silicon Valley – Bengaluru – in net penetration and took a giant leap forward in the digital race,…

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