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What makes Gurgaon the country’s start-up capital?

A few years ago, turning down a job to start your own company would have seemed like career suicide to some, but for Gurgaon’s new-age start-up owners, it’s more than just taking a shot in the dark. In 2012, Gurgaon beat India’s Silicon Valley – Bengaluru – in net penetration and took a giant leap forward in the digital race,…

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Why People Love Ready To Move Apartments Gurgaon?

Buyers looking for a new home in New Delhi have been considering Ready to move apartments Gurgaon over waiting for years to get hold of their dream homes. Among the definite advantages that Ready to move apartments Gurgaon offers over under-construction property is time. Unlike those who invest in under-construction, buyers can move in immediately and thus save thousands every month…

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